The Quichua Languages of Ecuador

In Ecuador how many Quichua languages are there? There are lots! In every area and in every village they speak differently. However, we can divide all of those speech varieties into eight large groups which we can call separate “languages”. Within each of these eight “languages” there many different varieties of speech called “dialects”.


The following map shows where the Quichua speaking regions are. Can you find where your home town is on this map? Is that place marked with one of the colors that shows that it is a Quichua speaking area? If not, please write to me about that mistake. Do you see any other mistakes? If so, please write to me. Thank you.



$$Remove width, height$$Quichua languages


Where spoken


This is how they speak Quichua.


Quichua Serrano Central

2.500.000 ?

Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Bolívar, Tungurahua

Bible, 1982

Chai c'aricunaca ishqui punllallapimi shamunga.

ll = (zh)


1.000.000 ?

Imbabura, Pichincha

Bible, 1994

Chai jaricunaca ishcai punllapillami shamunga.

ll = (zh)

Quichua Serrano Sur

200.000 ?

Cañar, Azuay, Loja, Chimborazo

NT, 1996

Chai c'aricunaca ishcai punzhallapimi shamunga.

ll <> zh


15.000 ?

Salasaca llajta

Work in progress

Chi c'arigunaga ishqui p'unllallabimi shamunga.

ll = (zh)

Pichincha (Calderón)

25.000 ?



Chai jaricunaca ishcai punllapillami shamunga. ??

ll = (zh)

Napo Alto (Tena)

10000 ?


NT, 1972

Chi cariunaga ishqui punzhallaimi shamunga.

ll <> zh

Napo Bajo

15000 ?

Orellana, Sucumbíos


Chi carigunaga ishcai punchallaimi shamunga. ??

ll <> zh


10000 ?


NT, 1992

Chi carigunaga ishcai punzhallaimi shamunga.

ll <> zh

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